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Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy: Let us be your guide

Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy LLC: Welcome

About Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy

Navigating your health care needs one step at a time.

According to a recent study from Johns Hopkins University, the third leading cause of death in America is due to preventable medical error. Healthcare providers strive to take the best care possible of their patients, but are hindered by a fragmented and restrictive healthcare systems. As a nurse, I have witnessed many human errors over the years. This has left patients spinning with confusion, disabilities, chronic pains, chronic illnesses, and overall decrease in their quality of life. In the worst case, even death. Navigating the health care system is tiresome, even for experienced professionals. In times of illness it can be daunting. Imagine being able to have a professional healthcare advocate assist you in your healthcare needs. To give patients peace of mind knowing that they can trust that they are in good hands. An acute or chronic illness can leave one feeling overwhelmed, helpless, lost, fearful amongst many other feelings. As a patient advocate, I work for you. I can be by your side to ask your doctors and other caregivers the right questions. It’s like having a spokesperson for your health.

Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy LLC: About

Learn What I Can Do For You

Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy believes in taking care of people - and what we do is advocate for you.

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Prescription Drugs
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Medical Navigation Assistance

I’ve been a licensed nurse since 2010. As a nurse, I have been trained to advocate for my patient's needs. I help my clients successfully navigate the healthcare systems. This is different for each client. Some areas of assistance have been in acute and chronic illnesses, obtaining second opinions, review of care plans, help to hold providers accountable to care, elder care, dementia, home health, nursing facilities, alternative therapies, medication planning and simplifying, mental health, pain management, end of life decisions, advanced directives, planning, paperwork, etc...

Medication Reviews

Do you have medication questions? Do you feel you are having side effects? Or maybe you just need help with coordination of meds. Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy has the knowledge, skills, and experience to review prescription medications, over the counters and supplements. With your permission we can be your guide and your voice.

Hospital Bedside or Medical Appointments

Let Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy be the solution for your health care navigation needs. We can provide proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. We tailor our care to fit your individual needs. Don't be left feeling overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to your health. Contact us and see what we can do for you with a free 20 minute consultation.

Services we do not provide
legal services - direct hands on care - diagnosis - medications - make medical decisions for clients- transportation

Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy LLC: Practices
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Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy Client

Valued Feedback

"Leah is kind, professional and knowledgeable. She came into my life in a time of uncertainty of health. She presented me with information and knowledge that helped me to make the right choices in my healthcare journey. Because of her, I am here to tell my story. She took all the stress of the unknown away and gave me peace of mind to know that I was in good hands." Anonymous

Tranquil Mind Patient Advocacy LLC: Testimonial

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